Eric McCullough



"Who would have thought that I could learn to play guitar at 47 years old?! Thank you Eric for being such a patient and knowledgeable teacher. Looking forward to continuing this journey as your student." -Lisa K.

"I took classical guitar lessons about 12 years ago, but had to give them up when I left the area to move to Bel Air. When I finally decided to start lessons again, I discovered I had forgotten most of what I had learned and had no knowledge whatsoever of music theory. I wanted to find an instructor who could determine where to start me out and then teach me theory. Eric McCullough fits the bill perfectly. As even the briefest look at his webpage will show, he’s a professional - proficient and very well qualified to teach anybody anything about music. Most importantly for me, he is patient, interested, and always seems to find musical pieces for me to learn that fit my tastes and abilities. I especially like that about him." -Pam F.

"Eric McCullough is a true professional!!! His years of training, countless hours to his instrument and dedication to his craft makes him one of the most sought after musician/teachers in the area. His approach and ability to teach a novice or a musical veteran makes him stand above and beyond what I have ever experienced. I've seen my son's confidence and musical ability grow tremendously over the last 13 months. Eric has worked closely with him and his individual musical taste which has motivated my son to perform at a high level. Eric has been a pleasure to work with....a true professional!!!!" -Matt J.


 In addition to teaching at Carroll Community College and Towson University, Eric has a private guitar studio located at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Bel Air, MD. Lessons at St. Matthew's are offered on Fridays and are open to students of all ages and abilities (for 30 or 60 minute sessions). 
   Eric specializes in both classical guitar instruction and Rock/Popular styles. He has over seven years of teaching experience and has completed Guitar Pedagogy programs at both Towson University & Peabody Conservatory.

                                                  EM Guitar Studio @ St. Matthew Lutheran Church
                                                      1200 E Churchville Road  Bel Air, MD 21014

            e-mail Eric at to inquire about lessons, rates, and policies
                                                       (or complete the form on the CONTACT page).